How to Distinguish

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Logo, Taste, Pattern.'HWANG NAM BBANG’ is only available at 'HWANG NAM BBANG'

1. The name and the logo

'HWANG NAM BBANG' is a certified brand name. Other labels such as 'Gyeongju HWANG NAM BBANG', 'Hwang Nam Gyeongju Bbang' or 'Gyeongju Bbang' that include any other words apart from the three words 'HWANG NAM BBANG' should all be regarded as copycats.

2. The taste and the smell

It is easy to spot the difference between the taste and smell of HWANG NAM BBANG and any other copycats. They are not able to provide the original taste of the Korean redbeans when cold.

3. The pattern

The comb-pattern in the middle of HWANG NAM BBANG should be clearly visible. The patterns on copycats are evidently different from that of the original.