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It was only possible for HWANG NAM BBANG to be recognized by the province and to be appreciated by its citizens as the representative regional food of Gyeongju because of the artisanal spirit that abode by 'the only one'.

"It will only ever be called 'HWANG NAM BBANG', and the taste, the smell and of course the shape will always remain as 'the one'." This philosophy has encouraged the company to stand firm against the endless copycats made over the period. The efforts to preserve its original taste by using only the Korean redbeans directly supplied from the contract-farms, and to succeed to the name that has been alive for more than three generations are all reflected in the mission 'the only one'.
HWANG NAM BBANG of 'the only-one' philosophy, its shape and the name have been granted with and is currently under the protection of the patent right. Moreover, HWANG NAM BBANG was certified as ‘The Hometown-rooted Company of North Gyeongsang Province’ in 2013, and has been widely known as the only company that promises the taste of Shilla for a thousand years.