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since 1939

HWANG NAM BBANG - the traditional food of Gyeongju.

The unprecedented 80-year history of HWANG NAM BBANG

The first HWANG NAM BBANG was served at 30 Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju City in 1939, and it soon became to be anointed as the representative food of its city and the province.

As a company that stemmed from North Gyeongsang province, HWANG NAM BBANG is proud of its 80-year history that is incomparable to any other savoury snacks in the world.


The Name

Customers casually started calling it ‘HWANG NAM BBANG’ because it was sold at a town named Hwangnam-dong in 1939. The nickname passed from mouth to mouth until it eventually became the official name of the company.

The Founder

Young-hwa Choi, the founder of the company, was one of the sons of the Choi family. After a great deal of effort, he successfully created the special recipe for HWANG NAM BBANG in the year he turned 21.

The Taste

The special recipe has its roots in the family custom of Young-hwa Choi, of which included making bread and ricecake using redbeans. Even after its 80 years of history, HWANG NAM BBANG still persists in using only redbeans to create the taste.

The Pattern

The signature comb-pattern of HWANG NAM BBANG symbolizes the atmosphere of the Shilla dynasty. Despite the various suggestions on the name of the pattern, such as chrysanthemum or the sun, the correct name should be ‘comb-pattern’.

The Price

When it was first served, HWANG NAM BBANG was sold for 50 Jeon each. After the liberation, from 2 Hwan, 5 Hwan, 10 Hwan to 20 Hwan, after the currency reform it was sold for 2 Won, 5 Won, 10 Won, 20 Won, 30 Won, 50 Won, 60 Won, and then 200 Won in 1993. The rise in the price of HWANG NAM BBANG reflects the chronicles and the inflation rate in Korea, and it enables us to predict the future of the bakery industry trend.