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It has already been more than 80 years since the three-generation bakery HWANG NAM BBANG began serving bread. Numerous changes have occurred during the period.
A little piece of bread from Gyeongju became the regional food of North Gyeongsang province, and its signature comb-pattern now represents the Korean traditional food.

The more acknowledged and the more appreciated we are, the heavier our shoulders become with the weight of your expectation. Every bag of redbeans we carry, every hand that kneads the flour is grateful for the support you have given us.

We deeply feel the tremendous responsibilities coming from the affection you have shown us. We should be the only one that remains unchanged amid this hectic world; to preserve and to succeed to the name and value of HWANG NAM BBANG is the one and only mission of the company.

We will preserve the value worthy of a thousand-year promise. We would like to return your flavour by delivering the history of Gyeongju at our ever-heated hearth.

It is the treasure of Gyeongju; the culture that holds the scent of Shilla; the unexchangeable taste of the city. We invite you to be the witness of the next thousand years of Gyeongju with HWANG NAM BBANG.

Regardless to the changes the time may bring, HWANG NAM BBANG promises to offer consistency in its taste and value just like Shilla, the dynasty that lasted for more than a thousand years.